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    2020-09-24 09:03




    Why have a dream? Because the dream is the beginning of the story, I believe that everyone has a dream.


    My dream is to be a top chef to the rest of the world match. First, when the chef will never be hungry, you can eat anything. Second, I can put my love of food do you eat, third, after retirement, you can sell to make money, the most important purpose is to race around the world.


    As for how to step by step to realize my dream? First, I want to cultivate the taste buds, second, also want to practice my cooking skills, third, create a belongs to own. Once heard: the chef is hungry, if I became a chef, is a very happy thing, but also can set up shop when the boss, I have reached this great desire

    the he 高中作文800字 作文我的梦想 关于真情的作文
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