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    2020-09-13 19:13


    1.Mid-autun Festival

    M favurite festival is Mid-autun Festival. Mid-autun Festival is an iprtant festival in China. It usuall ces in Septeber r Octber. On that da the n is the fullest f a ear. We can usuall see the full n in the evening at Mid-autun Festival. Peple get tgether and have a big eal at Mid-autun&rsqu;s Eve. After dinner, peple usuall watch the full n and pla the firewrs. There are an different inds f ncaes. Se have eat inside, se have eggs and se have fruits. The are all ver delicius.


    M favurite festival is Hallween. It&rsqu;s an iprtant western festival. It&rsqu;s n Octber 31st. Pupin lantern is an iprtant part f Hallween. Peple lie wearing ass and strange capes r custes. Children are ver excited. The g fr dr t dr t sa &ldqu; tric r treat&rdqu; and as fr sweets and caes. The usuall eat sweets and caes in the lanterns. Haha! I thin Hallween is fantastic.


    M favurite festival is Christas. It&rsqu;s the st iprtant festival in western cuntries. And it&rsqu;s the western New ear&rsqu;s Da. It&rsqu;s n Deceber 25th . Peple decrate the Christas tree and get tgether t have a big dinner. Peple lies eating Ture at Christas. Father Christas usuall brings presents t all the gd children. The puts presents in stcings at night. I thin he is fantastic, but Father Christas isn&rsqu;t real. Our parents are the real&lsqu;Father Christas&rsqu;.

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