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    2020-09-13 19:14


    Reading Interests of Senior Middle School Students

    Recently a survey has been done to find out the reading interests of senior middle school students. In this survey, one thousand senior middle school students from ten schools in Hubei Province were interviewed. They were asked which they liked reading most among the four categories of English articles: news, stories, popular science articles and articles about learning methods.

    The survey shows that more than half of the students like to read news most. Twenty-six percent of the students say that English stories are their favorite. Only seven percent of the students are most interested in reading articles about learning methods. However, the number of students who enjoy reading popular science articles doubles that of those who prefer reading articles about learning methods.[高中英语作文范文:学生英语阅读兴趣的调查]相关文章:1.关于英国防部停止UFO调查的英语作文

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