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  • 买书见闻英语日记

    2020-09-14 15:44


    (A Diary)Sunday, September 7th, 2008,

    Today was like any other day in my life. In the morning, the sun shone into my room and it was a little hot. And I had to go to the bookstore to buy some books, because the new school term began on September 3rd, and teachers asked us to buy some new exercise books. When I came into the bookstore, the server told me that they didn’t have the books. So I had to go to other bookstores, but they all didn’t have the books. I spent the whole morning looking for the books in different bookstores, and on the way, I wasted much time, so that made me very angry. In the afternoon, It was boring and I did nothing at all. In the evening, I did my homework hard, and just then I finished my homework and felt tired.


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